2024 Scholarship Essay Contest

The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO is pleased to announce its 2024 Scholarship Essay Contest.

The Essay Contest provides an opportunity for high school and post-secondary students to learn about the Labor Movement’s important contributions to the social, economic, and political development of our county. It also reminds students – the next generation of workers – about the importance of protecting the Labor Movement’s gains, for their own wellbeing in current and future workplaces.


Awards are offered to students in two categories: 

Awards are offered to students in two categories: 

 Graduating High School Seniors
(class of 2024)

All Post
Secondary Students

The award amounts are:

The essay topics for each category are as follows:

Category I – Graduating High School Seniors:

What has COVID revealed about the division of labor in our country and what we constitute as essential workers?

Category II – Students Attending an Accredited, Post-Secondary Institution:

How would a $15 minimum wage impact different parts of our economy? You may consider the impact on low wage workers, on families, on small businesses, on large corporations, and on the government.

If you post this information on your website, please note that the scholarships are only awarded to Pennsylvania AFL-CIO affiliated union members and their immediate family members. All submissions must be postmarked by March 29, 2024. Essays will be judged in April 2024, and awards will be made in May 2024.

We thank affiliate unions that have contributed to the award money for the Scholarship Essay Contests, in the past. Now we are writing to request your financial support and your help in promoting the 2024 Essay Contest.

If your union affiliate can contribute to the award money, please make your check payable to the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO and mail it to: PA AFL-CIO, Attention: George Piasecki, III, Secretary-Treasurer, 600 North Second St., Harrisburg, PA 17101.

Thank you for your support of the Scholarship Essay Contest, whether it be monetarily, helping to publicize it, or both.